Broken Ideology

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May 252010

North Korea’s leader has a destructive mindset. What is it? It’s the ideology of ‘Juche‘.

Juche is the idea that teaches “man is the master of everything and decides everything”. (Taken from

There is a small truth in this ideology. Man does decide about a lot of things in the earth. After all the Father has put us here to exercise dominion over the earth. God expects us to manage what He has given to us. However, man’s decisions do not impact everything. Thank God. Man’s decisions impact his own life, his future, his ending. Man’s decisions impact other people, touch families, organizations, tribes, government’s. The decision of a few radical Muslims impacted the entire global community on September 11th, 2001. So man’s decisions have a HUGE impact on earth.

However the Juche ideology states something completely different… incorrect… dangerous. It teaches man decides ‘everything’. This is simply not true.

I am a careful examiner of words, motto’s, phrases, cliches, and sayings. After all words are powerful. The Lord got my attention a few weeks ago- I was talking to myself (yes- to myself) and I was going over a situation in my head. The outcome of this situation could go either way but I was weighing all of the possibilities. And I had a saying go through my mind, that all of us have said- “I doubt it”.
It’s such a common thing we say. We think about how we would ‘like’ someone’s reaction to be and we quickly disregard that possibility by saying or thinking- I doubt it. It’s so easy for us to do. Think about it… you have probably said that this week. Remember ‘so as a man thinketh, so is he’; And God got my attention to what I had just thought. (See He’s teaching me, training me to be just like Him) Sometimes we fix thing’s in our mind so that they cannot change and then we wonder why thing’s don’t turn out the way we ‘want’ them too. It may be God’s will for a situation to turn in our favor but we don’t give God access to move in our life because of doubt, unbelief.

God hears, sees and knows everything. There is not a vain word that is spoken that God does not know about. So I am very careful about what I say or how I think. I’m constantly working on my belief system. North Korea’s juche ideology is broken because it is a rebellion against the natural order of things. Juche says ‘man decides everything’. Man does not decide-‘everything’. God has an idea… a purpose- and if man decides to rebel against God for too long- God will move them out of the way. He did it with Jonah- He made David flee his own kingdom from his own flesh and blood, Absalom.

The other teaching of this ideology is the first part which is very dangerous which states- ‘man is the master of everything’. This is to say you are the owner and controller of “EVERYTHING”. Man? Really? It’s this mindset that gets us in so much trouble. Thinking we can rule ourselves. We discover great medicines to help, but we also discover great chemicals to kill. We discover awesome technologies to make life better, but then we discover awesome technologies to be able to destroy ourselves. How can we be master’s over everything- if we have not even mastered our own bodies, our own lives, our own countries, our own businesses? This mindset is dangerous because it rebels against the Lord- the true owner of all the earth. This ideology rebels against the kingdom of God- and God will only put up with it for so long.

God humbles us with problems and trials so that we will realize that He is the creator and true Master of everything.


If They Only Knew

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May 212010

Who are you supposed to be?

What’s keeping you from becoming?

What’s stopping you from being?

Sometimes we think people decide who we are, or at least we act that way. We don’t take risk because of the fear of criticism. Because if we fail at trying, then maybe it would mean we are not who we thought we were. But that’s not true.

The enemy doesn’t want you to realize who you are. If you realize then you might discover something that would save millions of lives and that would be more purposes that could be fulfilled. You might discover some new way to grow crops that is healthy and causes people to live longer lives and the devil would have to deal with them on the earth that much longer. But being successful is the product of many failures. It’s diligence and perseverance that brings the fruit. Look at this scripture the Lord brought to me this morning.

1 Corinthians 2:8
Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

If they had known who He was they would not have treated Him the way they did.

So don’t worry about those around you- what they say, or how they treat you. If they knew what you were going to become they wouldn’t do it. If they knew who you were they’d follow you for the leader that you are going to become. Jesus didn’t let them persuade Him. He knew who He was and what He was here to do. Find out your purpose- you have one! We all do.

So I challenge you- seek purpose everyday until you find it. Then once you have vision, TAKE IT! You might have to hear some things you don’t want to hear, you may have to push on even though the balance is tipped against you- but be diligent.

When the odds seems against you, your coworkers are negative, or even if family and friends seem doubtful, just remind yourself with this saying-

“It’s OK, If they only knew who I was… -But they’ll find out”